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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Who Knew spelled funky

One time we were going to Ethnos, and Jen invited everyone over to the Small's house after. I thought that was kinda weird but they are down with that sort of thing. I tried it last sunday but it didn't work out. Guess I just don't have that jen charisma ;) I get points for trying right?

Anyway, we had fun playing whonu (it's spelled funny) and I got to hang with some of the people who are there on a regular basis. Still have been going there on and off for a while and don't feel like I'd really connected with anyone. But that's ok, no one there hates me and stuff. Paul does a great job leading worship and I like listening to Justin preach though most of the full time people have proved to also be quite busy for doing stuff on the fly. People and their schedules sheesh.


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