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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Make the pink stop....

So there is this tree at my new place and it's got these pink flowers growing all over it. It is freaking me out, pink is invading it gets pink pedals all over the parking lot and even over my car.


Blogger beatlesxforxsale said...

are they the same trees that drop cherries in the fall and winter? because if so i hate them too. there are few things more annoying than a rotten cherry on the bottom of your shoe.

Wednesday, 05 April, 2006  
Blogger Paulos said...

No, I don't think so.... they are kinda big to be cherry trees. I dunno, I'm not much of a tree person and I don't see them leaving much more of a mess than the pink.

Friday, 07 April, 2006  
Anonymous ginny said...

no, it's beautiful, it will be over soon, just embrace it until then.

Friday, 07 April, 2006  
Blogger J.J. said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Tuesday, 11 April, 2006  
Blogger J.J. said...

pretty pink sakura bits :)
gotta love them :P

Wednesday, 12 April, 2006  

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