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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Moto Roadtrip to visit dad

Today I rode my bike the longest yet. From portland oregon, to Richland Washington. It was about 250 miles.

Dad called and said they were having the Hydroplane races on up here on the columbia and it is a short week at work so figured I'd head on up and see how washington has changed over the years without me. All of my friends up there were from freshman year of highschool so I've more or less lost touch with everyone. No backup plan if dad is no fun.

Dad well, he's not been doing well. His hips are fused so he can't move them. On top of that, he needs hip replacement surgury but they didn't want to touch him because his liver numbers were bad. He'd been on very strong pain killers for a long while and had to drop them all cold turkey so he could pull off the surgery safely. This means he is in constant pain, can barely move his legs.

However, do to the fact that he is in constant pain, his appitite has suffered. Over the past few months he's lost quite a bit of weight. Now he's on track to surgery on the 10th. We'll see how my old old church has changed tomarrow, apparently they have a new education wing. I don't know much else.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanna road trip up to see your Dad sometme. Or better yet get him to fly down to see you, do dinner or something. I like your Dad cuz he's weird.


Tuesday, 12 August, 2008  

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