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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nostalga coming back

Got back from church a little while ago. It looks like a bunch of what used to be lawn is now building. There are some old faces there that I remember but more people who remember me. More than one lady held her hand to her hips and said "I remember when you were this big"

I liked the church service, yes it was old fashioned and baptist but that is not a bad thing. There are lots of things that they do that Ethnos doesn't. They have sunday school, they have lots of midweek stuff. They have altar calls. There were reports from missionaries, references to missionaries several times during the sermon. There even is going to be a vacation bible school coming up in a few weeks. They were passing out a sign up for who wants to supply a snack for this day or that.

What else? They had a responsive reading. That was cool, the passage that Pastor was preaching on, they said outloud, verse by verse using the same Bible (they had copies in all the pews) It brings back memories, like hymn books I miss those. I can't sing on key so the notes are wasted but still it's neat to see them.

The pastor there was the Pastor of the church I was born into in boardman. He went to start another church in kenewick and my family headed up shortly after (Dad was communiting to hanford so it wasn't a hard decision for him) Now they just had their 25th anversary.. yesh time flies.


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