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Monday, February 20, 2006

Someone I can Identify with

This is from 21deadmonkeys, I really am starting to like that webcomic.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Something Ginny Posted

Copy this whole list into your journal. Bold the things that you have in common with me. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.

01. I have medium to dark brown hair
02. I don't find leadership difficult.
03. I am both serious and funny.
04. I procrastinate.
06. I did not wear shoes today.I wore boots
07. I didn't see Titanic with my family.
08. It bothers me if I don't shower every day.
09. I'm readig maccabees.
10. I hate going to the doctor.I haven't gone in over 2 years
11. Ebay stalks me.
12. My favorite subject in highschool was math.
13. I love to spend the summer hiking and sunbathing. and camping
14. I've never broken a bone.
15. I don't cook well.
16. My parents are not still together.
17. I have no strong feelings for or against running.
18. I watch TV almost never.
19. I need to get some new shoes.
20. I like getting things in the mail.(from ebay)
21. I tend to be offensively honest if not careful.
22. I don't like rap or country.
23. Weird al was my hero when I was little.
24. I like anime.
25. I use AIM
26. I started voting as soon as I was able.
27. I like hearing songs that are ska on the radio.
28. I use email / IMs though usually talk face to face more.
29. If myspace didn't have so many people I knew I wouldn't use it.
30. The east coast is freaky.
31. I like to learn new things.
32. I wish I was an organized person.
33. I want to learn to sail.
34. I want to get a motorcycle some day.
35. I laugh easily.
36. I like taking naps all day long.
37. As a child, I wanted to be a junkie.
38. I don't have my own laptop.(God rest his soul)
39. I hate when people assume things! (amen)
40. I like to travel to different places, and I don't mind getting lost.(but I always know where I am)
41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing.(and arn't clothes)
42. My cousins are scattered throughout the country.
43. I haven't read a single book by John Irving.
44. Nor any by Anne Lamott.(Who are these people?)
45. I like to walk looking up at people around me.
46. Strangers are interesting people to talk to.(most don't want to talk though)
47. I try to be friendly to everyone.
48. I have never been a vegetarian, because I'm too lazy.
49. I will not go to the cinima alone.
50. Hugs are not ok if someone is covered in filth.
51. I don't keep a visual journal of things that inspire me, but it sounds interesting.
52. I play an instrument but am not good at it.
53. I had a family member pass away in the past month.
54. My grammar gets worse the less I sleep.
55. I think before I act most of the time, but sometimes I'm impulsive.
56. I don't get angry a lot, but my patience is not without end.
57. I like road trips.
58. I don't currently have any pets.
59. I like candles even when the smell bothers my nose.
60. I like cheescake.
61. I can look at the stars but staying still watching them for a length of time... :(
62. I like food that tastes like chicken.
63. I've taken dance lessons but don't dance.. . much
64. I don't wear makeup.
65. Kool-Aid: drink too much of it.
66. Presents are more meaningful if someone doesn't expect them.
67. I tend to sleep only a little then catch up later when I have time.
68. I'm terribly bad at letter writing.(that is what email is for)
69. I enjoy playing games.
70. My fingers are not double jointed.
71. My ears are not pierced, but they used to be.(some of the older ladies at church found it offensive)
72. I've never been outside North America.
73. My computer stays on almost all the time.
74. I want to travel more.
75. I really struggle with listening to my parents.
76. Most of the friends I grew up with I do my best to keep in touch with.
77. I have a cell phone, but don't use it like some people do.
78. I have never owned a beeper.(But work gave me one)
79. I like to drink iced tea year round.
80. I got my licence when I was 16.
81. I wish my hair wasn't so girly.
82. The end of my major is in site!
83. I don't smoke weed anymore.
84. I'm not married, but hope to be someday.
85. I like people who are honest with me.
86. I've tried sushi and liked it.
87. My fav time of the day is 4:00 am.
88. I have built several of my own computers from scratch.
89. There is probably something else I should be doing rather than this.
90. I type with my fingers on the right keys.
91. I don't eat meals at the right time of day.
92. Watching people hunt and peck is painful for me.
93. I like looking at certian adds in papers.
94. I can't touch my nose with my tongue but I can touch it with my lip.
95. I like both the destination and the journey.
96. I hate oppression.
97. I can't live without hope.
98. I appreciate honesty more than anything and can usually handle the truth.
99. I want to get an exotic pet.
100. I'm NOT done mourning the death of ska.(ska is not dead)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Look mom, I got a fin

Doesn't it look nice? thx Ginny.