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Saturday, September 30, 2006


Been busy this past week and some school started up and my life has been up in the air while I try to normalize and the weather is changing to normal rainy. I am excited about that.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Well folks, a while back I bumped into a wooden pole while trying to park and it tore my bra. Ginny's stepdad let me borrow a needle and I went to michael's to get some thread. It turns out that Michael's = NO MANS LAND! I didn't see another guy in the whole store. I found some thread and some leather working things but was really confused like a deer in the headlights, I wandered around for a while with my hands in my pockets looking uncomfortable hoping that someone would save me and give me some direction.

I eventually got brave and talked to a lady in a red apron, she told me that they had regular thread and some leather thread (I had seen both already) but that there was a sewing machine store right next door. I thanked her and checked out the leather thread, it was an insane $17 a roll, the bra costs about $40 new so I was like um no and headed to the sewing machine store next door. There were two girls working the counter and helping an elderly looking lady, the free one asked if I needed help, I told her that I was looking to sew up some vinal. She pointed me to the adjoying fabric section saying there were some apolstry threads. I went there saw lots of threads but wasn't sure what to do. I asked a gray haired woman with short hair who was folding some fabric if she could help me, she said that there was the polyester and the nylon though sometimes the nylon thread is too strong and can tear things. I went with a roll of black nylon, stood in line behind 4 women and there was a girl working the casheer too, I felt outnumbered.

I payed a $4.95 for the roll and went home to start doing something _very_ unmanly (sewing). So that's where I'm at now, I think it looks better and I didn't spend as much money fixing it. BTW sewing it up was my Dad's idea.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I pimped out my ride

I spend today tearing the headlights off of my car and putting on new, nifty looking ones. A while back, the connector to the right headlight shorted out and was all melted. So my dad got me the peice, I spliced the wires but ALL OF THEM WERE RED so I got the high beams and the low beams switched on that light. Reciently, the low beam light went out on the left light so I was brousing ebay looking for parts for my car and saw all these custom headlights. I figured that the greater metro area had suffered enough with me shining one high beam at them and replaced it. I feel a sense of accomplishment. I did so good that there are even nuts bolts and washers left over!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Ben and Ginny

Saw this on my phone and thought it was fun :)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Davege Bikage

Friday night I biked to work meeting Dave there. That was a little under 8 miles then from work to Dave's that was a bit over 8 miles. After that I went home, tacked on another 4.5 miles.

8+8+4.5 = 20.5 miles biked

hey how about that?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fixed the Washer today!

The washing machine that I have (and didn't pay anything for w00t!) had stopped working so well for the past couple weeks. For some reason, this kept bothering me and I couldn't just put it out of my mind and find inner peace.

My friend old man rainwater came over today and we carted the washer out onto the deck and tore its guts open. We found a really frayed belt that had come loose from the cogs or fittings or shafts or something. So we called the orange box they said they had some but didn't. Next we went to standard tv and apliance, they said their parts guys leave at 6 and they'd probally have to order it. Next we went to GI Joes, they didn't have the right size of belt. After that we drove down to Ace, ace was closed. Next we started to head back and saw a baxters auto suply, it was just a tad before 9:00 pm so we were able to squeeze in and be the last customers. They had the belt needed! After another hour of foolin around the washer was back together and running again. I feel a strong sense of acomplishment. Hats off to you Jim, I couldn't (probally wouldn't could be a better word) without your help.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hiking in the gorge

We went up 84 and did some hiking it was fun the path was all paved though most of the way but got a little bit of exersize and out in the wild.

Ginny read in John a bit about the last supper while we sat on a ledge it was cool. She's a good reader, I tend to be a bit dislyxic and my voice gives out after a couple of minutes. Either that or maybe everyone else's voice sounds better than their own.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Downtown fun

Yesterday Ginny and I went down town so she could meet with the admission people at PSU. Much to our surprise everything was all locked up. I mean, it was a MONDAY? Who would close a college on a monday?

I mean,

common people!

Anywho, we walked across town to Vivace
There we got crepes yummy. Oh and Ginny's hippy cousin + boyfriend met us there. They had just moved to town a couple weeks ago, well Hippy cousin has been here for 3 weeks or so and boyfriend came out to visit this week. Anywho, the point is that they really don't know much about town so it is all new to them so we showed them around on what could be called an urban day hike. After food we walked up to the rose garden and smelled the flowers before going back toward ross island bridge whereabouts I was parked. We drove them home and were rewarded organic plum!

They are actually quite good so long as you don't bite down really hard into the pit.

After that, Ginny and I watched Lady in the Water at Valley Theatre, it closed down a while back because it couldn't compete with the main chain cinemas (cough regal) but reoped reciently as a theatre pub. I mentioned that I wanted to see how they remodled and she said that we could go (she'd never been there before, can you beleive it?!) it was a good movie, though the plot was just silly, like Ciara's dream but I liked it anyway.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Ginny and I are supposed to go to california with to see my Uncle but I haven't been able to call him, I know he was doing some stuff this week but hrm, we are supposed to leave tomarrow but I don't know his address.