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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Scientology in the workplace

So we had this bbq here at work. I saw a little pink flier next to the Portland tribune someone left on a table in the cafe. It was a personality quiz, one was supposed to complete it and mail it back with their address to the local church of Scientology.

I read some of the questions to my coworker while he was munching on his burger. I am kinda not really about Scientology and explained that it's founder was a man who was convicted of fleecing his members and died in hiding, a fugitive. There also was an offer for a paperback of L Ron. Hubbard's book Dianetics for only $7.99 what a bargain.

Anywho, I seriously thought someone planted that there, and so I tossed it after a brief explanation as to why. Walking out, I saw numerous Portland tribunes laying about with pink fliers next to them. Apparently the Portland tribune for Friday includes a free personality test this week.....DOOM


Monday, March 24, 2008

Super Arcade plans

So I've been pondering getting an arcade box to play games and perhaps maybe make some coinage if possible. However, even the used ones that I actually like cost like $300 plus to ship. New ones cost $1000s of dollars so that's just nuts.

Anyway, There is this dude that has a company that makes MAME boxes.

Dream Arcades His things are new and a whole lot cheaper than ebay.

Basically, a setup like table pac man with a computer inside that has a bunch of emulators to play game age. It costs a bit extra to have PC set up so I've been pondering just setting up my extra pc but figuring out the open source software to run the emulator is not coming easy to me.

I can't really afford to get one right now but it doesn't hurt to dream.

Also, the possibility exits to just grab a box and mod it. I need to figure out how to set up MAME on a PC and get the proper hardware.

There are videos, this for example... Mame setup video

A complete everything-you-want version of this can run $5000-$7000 I see them at this site, really nice!

Fancy Mame

Friday, March 07, 2008

Crazy old coworker

So Last night I was in the clean room plunking away at the command center when a dude (I don't know his name but seen him around) comes up to me and asks:

"What is the punishment for bigamy?"

Me: "Bigamy, what's that?"

Him: "Multiple wives"

Me: "Isn't that called polygamy?"

Him: "That's more than two"

Me: "Hmm, ok"

Him: "The punishment for Bigamy is two mothers in law."

Me: "Oh, ok ha ha"

Him: "Are you married?"

Me: "No I'm not..."

Him: "I almost got married once, waited fourty two years to make sure I found the right girl... dated her for two years then gave her a ring asked her to marry me, she said yes. But a while later she said her ex was coming to town to see kids and that I needed to keep my distance. I scoped out the place and turns out that another guy was moving in with her"

Me: listening

Him: "So I told that C*(&#$%^ that I wanted the ring back, she said she liked it. But I got it back, everything she said though was about how it was my fault. She married that other guy for money, he beat her and her kids."

Me: Stunned

Him: "Well I got to get back to work seeya"


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bike tail light problems

So today I got motivated and put the tail light for the virago that has been sitting in a box in my room for several months to use. As you might know, the tail light fixture got broken a while back in a friend's trailer so I glued it back together. Now though the running light doesn't turn on so I can't really ride it at night because no one can see me without any lights from behind.

Break light still works both with broken tail light fixture and replacement. So, I'm not sure what needs to be fixed, something is broken or not connected right :(