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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Calling

I've been trying to listen to less music and more sermons on the radio when I drive. Today I flipped on chuck swindol (who is going though matthew of all things!) and he was talking about when Jesus first started his ministry.

He talked about how Jesus came up to some dudes making their nets and said hey come follow me, leave this job you've been at X years and the security it provides for you and your family. And they did, that is what it is like to have a calling.

What about the wives? Can you imagine how the head of the family comes in and says, I'm quiting the family business and going to follow this guy who I didn't know before today.

If Jesus was to come into my workplace and say, Hey Paul, I've got this I want you to do and stop what you are doing and come with me. Could I just drop everything? Chuck said that perhaps the reason that the post Christmas season is so depressing is because we haven't found that calling.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Busy busy

So worked a long week after being sick for a week. Yesterday, some new friends invited me over to meet about an event that they are planning so it seemed like something exciting and they are nice peoples. Anywho, I stayed up after work then hung out until church, I was scheduled to do lyrics but was all tired. When I showed up, it looked like Jon had things covered, mad props bro.

I was really exhausted though and even during announcements I was passing out. When we did meet and greet time I said hello to a few people then went home and died... the bad part about that is that today I woke up at some ungodly early hour.

In other news, I beat Xenosaga 2, I know ben has Xenosaga 3 so I just need to get him to lend it to me :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

feeling better

the sore throat of doom is gone, but I feel like I wasted a week of my life. However I'm feeling better except for being worn out most of the time.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

still sick

Meh, stupid throat work again!

I went to the urgent care and they said I didn't have strep but I got some antibionics though to take.


I think I have some kind of throat stuff because I feel like crap and it hurts to swallow. My energy is just gone. I hope I feel better tomarrow. I went to sleep 3pm on sunday and woke up around 11am on monday but only for a few hours at a time...