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Monday, May 25, 2009


So some of may know I was involved in subversion anime film festival at the clinton street cinema. It was lots of fun, a few people came, and I'm really sore (because I'm out of shape).

I headed down to SE Portland around 10:00am yesterday. We were supposed to do setup at 10:30 but had to fetch a few things. I don't think we started setting up until 11. Not nearly enough time. Also, do to difficulties, most everything I thought would go wrong did.

First, the person who was supposed to be doing the playlist with his fancy laptop flaked out at the last minute. So me and another guy had that thrust on us with no time to prepare. All the anime was put on Meg's lappy which was old and maybe good back in the day but not so much now. She had a 17in dell with 2 gigs of ram and a core 1 processor running onboard video. The digital projector didn't like the vga output so much (Remind me NEVER to buy a sharp projector) Also, the high def files that person-supposed-to-be-projecting caused her computer to choke. We played the first movie okay but it was a lower def file. But only two out of the 15 anime files we had were actually .avi so yeah.

We tried to play some but the sound and video were always off. Eventually we just had to switch to dvds, franticly renting from movie madness and clinton street movies. That worked out okay, but we annoyed the crap out of people at the start of the event with the choppyness. I think we gave 6 people half refunds.

The annoying part was that I wasn't even supposed to be doing projection. I was just going to setup gaming (the last event the gaming was kinda fail). So here all this drama is going on with the projection and the bulk of the responsibility ended up getting set in my lap.

I had plenty of stuff to do gaming but knew it was going to take some time to do. Sadly, I did forget the wii sensor so I had to rush back home at around noon to get the sensor I forgot. I had the projector, projector screen Dave let me borrow (Thanks Dave, it worked awesome!) and the pile of cables / adapters that go along with setting up a wii to a projector and pc speakers. But yeah, the rockband was a huge hit though. People were playing it until about 9pm.

So yeah, equipment comparability issues--check, projection person flaking out---check, forgetting gaming equipment---check. After a few hours of frustration after frustration my nerves were about shot.

Anyway, after we moved to dvds things went nicer. It was nice to hang out with friends, meet new people and hear their stories. The whole thing was a learning experience and while not pleasant at times I have some ideas about what would make it go better if we do it again. Did I mention I'm crazy sore? Yeah running up and down stairs from 11am til 2am the next day will do that to a guy.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

monochrome factor

So I was watching the first ep of what looked like it could be a good anime. However in monochrome factor two guys kiss to unlock a super power. Meh, why spoil this? I'm so *cough* *choke* *Sputter*

I'm so not into yaoi (waits for women to pummel him)

Monochrome Factor