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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mew Con

Well, what's been going on? It's 2009 and I spent it at ben and dora's wedding and then going to out with them and mew con. Mew con was going to be $40 at the door so even though I asked for the time off I was not going to attend due to pricing. However I got a free pass because I was helping out with booth and stuff.

I also got to see Chris Hazelton who writes the comic Misfile. I'd recommend it. According to him it's like Ranma meets Initial D. When I picked him up from the airport he told me that he was working in a job he didn't like, started writing his own comic on the side and then found out he could make money doing that which he did like. Eventually he quit old job and started doing his comic as his livelihood.

Also, one of the things that he did say is that he had some people that followed his work and were fans that were christian and jews. He thought that religious people might find it offensive but they explained that they could tell that wasn't seriously his belief (there is a drunken angel) but it was still a fun story. I thought that was cool.

That was cool, thanks meg and jeff for hooking me up.