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Thursday, September 20, 2007

School Starts next week

Thursday, September 13, 2007

alaska pictures

Here are some pictures, I took a trip to alaska to visit dad. However, my camera got broke in the flight back so it won't be taking pictures anymore. I was however able to get these last few off it.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


I'm in alaska, been here for most of last week. Went on a day cruise looking at birds, whales, bears and glaciers. Also road the alaskan rail road which I thought neat too. We saw dall sheep.

Spent yesterday helping marci move and hopefully tomarrow we'll head down to the coast again to get a tour of prince williams sound.

PS. 6 foot swells make me queasy and other people puke in bags.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

More Kumoricon

Saturday I got up early made some coffee and headed to the sunset transit center to pick up anthony again. I had my crazy cumbersome costume so when we got there I told him to go on ahead because it would take me a little while to get ready. That was about the last time I saw him til the end of the day. Which was ok by me.

I went to some panels, an intro to japanese one where the instructor couldn't be found so they got some fill in people to teach. There was a native japanese speaker that took at day pass and sat in. He eventually was asked to stand up and help teach the class, it was some intro stuff and a whole lot of question and answers. I thought that was cool. I learned a lot about japanese culture and how the language and culture are not seperate. I even got to have a chat with the japanese guy and ask him a few questions later on. It was way cool.

There was a religion and anime panel that I went to also, I like it, what with everyone being civil and all. I thought it kinda ironic that the more diverse panel was less heated than the christian meetup panel the previous day. However, people from different religious background did have similar concerns. Interesting.

Later on in the afternoon I chatted with the lady running the info desk and helped her out for a bit because she looked way stressed out. She was nice and we chatted for an hour or so almost. I tried to help people with their questions but I really didn't know much of anything.

I was going to goto the cosplay contest but it had an insane line, so I skipped. Later on I was pondering about going to the masquerade ball. I missed the dance the previous night and I did want to dance with some girls dressed as my fav anime chicks. I however didn't have any experience with ball room dancing or mask making.

The mask making workshop just went crazy there was not near enough bandwidth to handle everyone that wanted a mask for the ball. So I was about to give up and thinking about looking for something else to do. A cute girl in a Chinese outfit came up to me and asked if I was going to the ball. I was sorta surprised, and said well I haven't decided yet. She responded, well if you do go are you going with anyone? Because if you arn't could you go with me?


I replied, "Well I am not here with anyone but if I do go and see you I'll dance a few dances with you" She seemed pleased and wandered off. I thought that I'd goto the dance and later heard that the mask was optional because if it wasn't then half of the people that wanted to go couldn't.

However there was that line thing again. The room was way to small for everyone that wanted to dance. After seeing the huge line I gave up hope. They filled the room even and people were still lined up outside waiting for someone to leave so they could enter.

For the rest of the weekend I just gave up on planning and just kinda went wherever. I did see the concerts but the sound quality wasn't too great.

However, when I went back to my car I saw that a back tire was flat... argh!

I limped it to a gas station and put air in it. It held it but had a nasty steel showing crease in the side wall. The dude that rode with me was kinda frustating that I couldn't commit to a time to pick him up.

Hello? Labor day? Most places are closed! So that was annoying, people, if someone is doing you a favor don't get all demanding. It is just rude.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Kumoricon First Day

Kumoricon is this weekend in case anyone didn't know. It is an anime convention. I went with a guy that I met online that needed a ride. The thing was though that I had to work the previous night so I got off work at 8 went home slept from 9 til about 12 and then went to the con.

I checked out the vendor's hall, chatted with some people, the slants were there they will be playing sunday night. The Neko pan bakery girls had their stuff up. I also bugged tom and the pocky club a bit. After that, I helped chris with his costume (his mask kept falling off) and then we went and got subway. I wanted to get some people together and eat at the crab shack on the columbia but I wasn't really hungry and most of the people I knew were tired and heading back to their hotel rooms.

I did get to check out the spin the bottle glomping circle. That was amusing. It was really really amusing when it was shaped like a heart for a while. After watching it for a while in a hotel room we did have to go down and join in the glomping madness for a time.

There was a pocky club panel that I went to and also a christian meetup panel I went to. That was cool, they are going to have a study today at 10 with free ramen.

Didn't hit up the dance, I wanted to but by 10:00 I was dragging and the line was insane, I just sat down and rested my tired feets for a while and 50 mins later the line remained yeeesh!