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Friday, October 31, 2008

Monster Mash

Last Tuesday I dressed up in my Dark Link costume and helped with crowd control. I had a big shield so that helped. Anyway it was cool to see some coworkers families and chat with some other people that I didn't know.

There were people taking photos so I'll see if I can add one to this blog later on. They email I got said there was over 1000 people that came.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Apparently homeless people need beer once an a while

I was going to a dance last night but showed up early. So I walked up and down main street in Tigard to kill some time and see what was there. Most of the shops were closed down but it still was a nice strip, something that reminded me of a small town.

I was about to call my dad and see how he was doing when I was approached by a woman. She looked middle aged and had a rhaspy voice, looked dirty. So I was thinking homeless. She said her name was Tanya and her friend Tad had gotten hit by a car on 99w. She said she was going to be completely honest with me. I said I appreciate honesty. Doctors didn't think he'd wake up but he did and she wanted money to buy a beer to celebrate.

I listened, listened, listened... she kept talking about why I should buy her a beer. Finally after I got a chance to say something I said, "Will you accept no for an answer." Originally she didn't give me a yes or no answer so I had to ask her a few times. Finally, she said that she'd accept no for an answer.

So, I bought her a beer got myself one too, she knew of this little mexi mart where a huge can of beer was $1.50. So, I went back behind the shop and hung out with her and a couple guys that were her friends I suppose and listened to a guy named dave's story as well about how he used to live in Aloha and all of the trouble he got in while in high school.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Interview with the Vampire on focus on the family?

So, was listening to the christian talk station and now focus on the family's guest is anne rice. A rather famous novelist, she wrote interview with the vampire.

Anyway, apparently she lost her faith in College at the age of 18 and became an atheist. She said that her novels reflect her moral compass. Like she was convinced everything was meaningless, and identified with the vampire whose life is condemned to the dark trying to find meaning in a meaningless existence . Wow, I gotta call my sister she loves anne rice books.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dad Visiting

So, I don't know how much of this I put online but my dad has had some health issue. He has had mobility problems for years, climaxing in his hips becoming fused. Well, the health system in alaska wasn't much help. He came to washington and finally got some answers.

Tough ones, which involved dropping lots of meds

However, said drop of meds resulted in a 70 pound loss of weight this year (he needed it bad and still has plenty more to loose) Well, he got one of his hips replaced and is going weekly to rehab. But he made it all the way down from washington in his truck yestereday.

It is confusing for me to watch him suffer. Please pray that God will be Glorified in all of this.