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Friday, March 30, 2007

McCain steals bandwidth

Apparently myspace is the new thing for the 2008 elections. A certian politician stole a myspace template, didn't give any credit and also hotlinked images. As a result, the template changed the image as a prank to teach said arizonian a lesson.

MyCain's myspace hacked

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pink all over

This tree is out of hand.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring break is here!

I've been busy going to party and hanging out doing all kinds of social things. It rocks.

Last night we went to Jen's monday night party and hung out til about 11:30 and Nick + Diana + Nova + Jonas came over. Diana sports a mean katana.

Sunday night Kevin had a birthday party so all the ethnos people went over to the girls dorm and we have a surprise party for him. Alissa, Nick Diana and Chris came over after that and we just chatted til about midnight. Then we watched an old Japanese movie about this guy who forced to kill another because the shogun ordered him to commit suicide but refused.

Saturday there was a party too, we went to stephanie's and had bbq, some of the people there (well really only me) went to skate world and met some other friends. After that

Sunday, March 25, 2007

new toys

I got a good deal on something that looks cool in my living room.

Stephanie had a party that a bunch of us went to, it actually was a BBQ but I'm not eating meat. I brought pop and some boca burgers. I thought Ashby would be there and would like something not meat to eat too but she stayed home reading according to Brecca.

Also, we went to christian night at skate world last night. It was cool. No one from ethnos came that was kinda disappointing but some non-ethnos friend came out (one pair all the way from 82nd) and we skated for a couple of hours. Then we went and hung out til 3ish at a place Jen was housesitting for. It was cool to just sit back and chat.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Global warming = repression of the poor

Alternative to Gore's propaganda documentary

So, I've seen an inconvenient truth and I thought it was fishy. It seemed like he made some good points on sustainability but that he ignored some alternatives (I said earlier he didn't even mention nuclear), I was willing to buy that CO2 was causing the warming until I saw the video on Dave's blog.

Check it out if you have a chance. Apparently, because the climate issue is so political scientists are highly pressured to not dissent. Also, the CO2 seems to be a LAGGING indicator and not a driving factor. Dissenters say that the activity on the sun graph matches the temperature much better than CO2 (no lagging)

Also, the whole issue of justice: Environmentalists are saying that instead of using the countries natural resources (coal and fossil fuel) they should use wind and solar. These alternatives are three times more expensive, so saying to the third world countries that they have to use this is saying that they will have no electricity at all.

Anyway, check out the video on dave's blog if you have an hour and some change to spare I am glad I did.

Monday, March 19, 2007

tree of death bloometh

this is what I have to look at every time I go outside...

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Funny Prank

The guy next to me was trying to access a network drive and asked another guy for help.

So he said goto run than dmc. He opened the run and typed in DMC, then the other guy said no you have to type in run underscore dmc when it didn't work. When that didn't work I asked, Isn't that a band?

No reply, but the other guy said to type in run dmc underscore walk this way. I felt like cracking up.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

My insane writing project.

Isaiah's shadowgate background

Well when I was younger (early 20s late teens) I got into this MUD (multi user dungeon) and it took up most of my life for a time. I was so into it that when the server was down I'd write up in notepad my character's adventure journal and append it when the server was back on.

It turned into my biggest writing project ever.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

hike then die

Troy had yesterday off so I called him up and we went for a hike. We went from the zoo down to the about waterfront, and met Jen for lunch. That went from about 11:00 til 12:30 after that we hiked up to northwest where we finished the first Sunday hike with Marko. We went up Balch creek up past that stone thing (Troy took pictures) and hiked up to the wildwood trail. We took the wildwood up to everyone's favorite mansion. After that we kept going down past burnside (we already had crossed cornell) and back into washington park. We finished up at the zoo a bit after 4:00 pm.

It was the longest hike I've done in years (the only longer one I can think of was back in college from downtown to hillsboro, but I had a bike for some of that, just couldn't ride up the west hills it was too hard) but yeah, I'm not in good shape stamina-wise. After the big incline I felt all drained but forced myself to keep going though I was tired and sweaty.

Towards the end, we passed a group of joggers and Troy came up with the idea of doing the same hike again, but running it the whole time!

Finished hiking, I went home took a shower and had no energy left. I didn't even want to stand up. I was too tired to even make dinner so I just layed in a chair and fell asleep. I got up around 10pm listened to the calls I missed was still too tired to make dinner so I just drank some water and went to bed.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Have been keeping it cool with the vegitarian thing. It helps to call meat bad things so that you think less of them.

Meat = dead flesh of beast
eggs = chicken embreos
milk = bovine secreations

Almost blew it, I got some soup from the cafe last night and it has spinach and carrots and after I fished around a bit it had 'dead flesh of beast' I took it back and said I got the wrong soup so the lady said to go make it right and set the soup that I didn't want in the dirty dish rack. So I did that, close one though.

I had some yogurt too (thanks for the idea Ashby). We also stopped by a chinese store place and I got some chow mein plus steamed veggies and an eggplant tofu thing. I think those were the only two non-meat entrees they had at the store.