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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Xfire baby

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wild wild west

Well, I saw this old broke down thing and just had to get a picture. The sign says armed guard on duty but the place is so overgrown, it probally hasn't had a person in it in years.

Rock Springs

Yes that's right kids, whyoming is full of nothingness, but lots of antelope live there. I saw a couple that's why I'm winking (either that or squinting from the glaring bright sun) I took a road trip to colorado from oregon to visit family and friends for a week in auguest.

Reel Big Fish

July 27th, a day that will live in emphamy... Yes that's right Reel Big fish with catch 22 and some other bands who I had never heard of before came to the roseland. Phil, Ben and myself came it was really cool, crowd surfing moshing and all. Ben even wore flip flops and spent 2 hours in the moshpit. Hard core man hard core.

Felisha lara theresa and I were hanging out at Theresa's apartment near OHSU and Lara and I desided to take a hike down the hill to goto market street pub. This sign looked cool so took a picture with my cell phone.

Who Knew spelled funky

One time we were going to Ethnos, and Jen invited everyone over to the Small's house after. I thought that was kinda weird but they are down with that sort of thing. I tried it last sunday but it didn't work out. Guess I just don't have that jen charisma ;) I get points for trying right?

Anyway, we had fun playing whonu (it's spelled funny) and I got to hang with some of the people who are there on a regular basis. Still have been going there on and off for a while and don't feel like I'd really connected with anyone. But that's ok, no one there hates me and stuff. Paul does a great job leading worship and I like listening to Justin preach though most of the full time people have proved to also be quite busy for doing stuff on the fly. People and their schedules sheesh.

First Post

Well, I'm kinda bored so desided to sign up for this thing and fill it with pictures like Jen and Ben. Sounds like fun huh? Here is a picture of ben at Jen's he's playing with a monkey.

Monkey Monkey Monkey!!!