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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nostalga coming back

Got back from church a little while ago. It looks like a bunch of what used to be lawn is now building. There are some old faces there that I remember but more people who remember me. More than one lady held her hand to her hips and said "I remember when you were this big"

I liked the church service, yes it was old fashioned and baptist but that is not a bad thing. There are lots of things that they do that Ethnos doesn't. They have sunday school, they have lots of midweek stuff. They have altar calls. There were reports from missionaries, references to missionaries several times during the sermon. There even is going to be a vacation bible school coming up in a few weeks. They were passing out a sign up for who wants to supply a snack for this day or that.

What else? They had a responsive reading. That was cool, the passage that Pastor was preaching on, they said outloud, verse by verse using the same Bible (they had copies in all the pews) It brings back memories, like hymn books I miss those. I can't sing on key so the notes are wasted but still it's neat to see them.

The pastor there was the Pastor of the church I was born into in boardman. He went to start another church in kenewick and my family headed up shortly after (Dad was communiting to hanford so it wasn't a hard decision for him) Now they just had their 25th anversary.. yesh time flies.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Moto Roadtrip to visit dad

Today I rode my bike the longest yet. From portland oregon, to Richland Washington. It was about 250 miles.

Dad called and said they were having the Hydroplane races on up here on the columbia and it is a short week at work so figured I'd head on up and see how washington has changed over the years without me. All of my friends up there were from freshman year of highschool so I've more or less lost touch with everyone. No backup plan if dad is no fun.

Dad well, he's not been doing well. His hips are fused so he can't move them. On top of that, he needs hip replacement surgury but they didn't want to touch him because his liver numbers were bad. He'd been on very strong pain killers for a long while and had to drop them all cold turkey so he could pull off the surgery safely. This means he is in constant pain, can barely move his legs.

However, do to the fact that he is in constant pain, his appitite has suffered. Over the past few months he's lost quite a bit of weight. Now he's on track to surgery on the 10th. We'll see how my old old church has changed tomarrow, apparently they have a new education wing. I don't know much else.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

wimax coming to portland later this year?

Remember back in the days of modems? Well, internets started out expensive $30 or so...then got really cheap as there were tons of independent isps. I remember I had my dial up for about $7 a month before switching to cable. Cable was $20 a month intro and switched to $52 a month and has stayed there. I miss having a free market that works for isps.

Looks like clearwire has already set up some stuff in portland and is beta testing it's networks as we speak. I've not been a fan of Verison DSL or Comcast cable. Both of them are greedy and abuse their market power. I'm ready for clear wire to come in and take up some of their market share.Clearwire wimax beta in portland

Monday, July 07, 2008

swinging the blues fest

I went to the blues festival here in portland yesterday. I was quite fun. My friend Jen called me and woke me up saying we were going to the blues festival. At the time I was grumpy and wanted to say "No, I'm going back to bed" but instead decided to try something new and exciting for a change as my life has gotten a bit into a pattern lately.

There were two acts that I really liked. One was the marching band march fourth they were a whole lot of fun. The other one was hawkeye herman. A really cool old man that did a solo act and said lots of cool things about history and wisdom.

Oh and thank you for the dances Jen and Sarah. ^_^

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Wow the bible is political

From daily bible scripture

Sat. July 5, 2008

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance."
(Psalm 33:12)

So on facebook I have this app called daily bible scripture and it's had this. I noticed some of the comments people were writing behind it and was kinda surprised. Most everyone talks about seperation of church and state and blah blah, trying to sideline people's religious views but there are people in countries all over the place praying for their nation that has forgot God.

One person:
"Father God please forgive Australia for not openly declaring YOU LORD in every state and territory.. Father we have sinned against YOU!! Father YOUR blessing is needed here in every part of our land.. Father I want to see us chosen as YOUR inheritance.. turn our hearts to YOU.. and help us who believe in YOU to do all we can to shine our lights for YOUR glory.. amen"

Another person:
"Our Nation needs to recognize what the consequences are of taking God out of every aspect of American life and turn back from our ways and be healed as country."

"Years ago, the United Kingdom was a "Christian" country - now all sorts of things are happening which point to the fact that this is no longer the case.
we need men and women who will stand up for Jesus and be counted! Praise God this is NOT our home - we have a great day coming when we will go HOME to be with the Lord - God will reign supreme and every knee will bow and cry "Thou Art Worthy oh Lord". Thank God we are part of His inheritance - chosen and set apart to love, trust, honour, worship and serve Him in whatever way He calls us to do."

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Third season of Ah my goddess

I saw the first two episodes of fighting wings and they are really good. It is about the monster that eats the goddess's angels. It leaves them paralyzed however they prevail. I'm stoked to see the rest as it comes out. The first two seasons were both good.