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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rwanda January 1995

Newsweek article

May 1993 (2 of 2)

May 1993 Rwanda (1 of 2)

This one is frightening...

Feb 1993 two of two

Another prayer letter, chilling some of it, but not without hope.

Feb 1993 one of two

Rwanda page two

here is the second page

1993 Rwanda

Here is the first part of a two page prayer letter from 1993

Rwanda 1990

Here is a missionary letter from the sheer's, considering hotel Rowanda it's good to read some of the prayer letters my dad got from the people there at the time.

Monday, October 17, 2005

more picture

And here is Ashby and Ciera, they are both cool. Ash-a-bee is always smiling and is enthusatic about everything she does, that's really cool. God is really going to use her when she goes to start a school in Kenya. (not that he's not using her now, or that he only uses her.. . er yeah he uses all of us and stuff)

Hanging out

Jade sat next to matt sat next to todd. Though Todd took off, he just vanished poof I didn't see him leave, I learned he can be very sneaky like that.


Was at Ethnos last night. It was the first time I went without someone to go with. Going alone for me was a frightening thing, I've been to churches before where everyone is familar strangers. You just show up and everyone is socializing but you are left out save for the sidelong questioning glance saying a subtle 'who are you and why are you here in our's not your place?' Luckily with God's help I said no to my (irrational?) fears and went anyway after not getting called back... anyway yeah not getting called back sucks too but I digress. It was their one year aniversary and they had a nice service Justin talked about Ezra and rebuiding the temple that was destroyed. The young people cheered and the old people wept. He had everyone over 35 weep (the old people) and the younger people cheer. I heard more cheering that weeping. Went out to McMenimens after and Justin played with his phone all night (well not really) but it was cool, I was feeling really lonely and it was nice to have people around even if I didn't know most any of them well at all.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Gabe came too, he's got some mad good trigger pulling skillz

Silly Willy

Will brought his own gun that he bought. He had only been once before and went out to buy a mega Ion that was fully automatic. My barrell was sticking out behind a tootie roll and somehow he shot it. I can't imagine how many balls he wasted to get that shot. I was thinking? 'what is this? I can't believe it?' My spyder needs a new o-ring so I had to use a rental gun.


A bunch of people from work went paintballing at this place in canby. It was fun they had a whole bunch of courses. Joland brought his little boy Brice who collected paintballs all over the place. Between games they went in the course and threw paintballs at one another. It was cute.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dammy's Party

Dammy had a party for John who's getting married soon and had a birthday. It was fun, but isn't his youngest daughter adoreable???

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Something Burning?

Bobby checks the pot for burnt plastic, this was my first time helping out (and going) to BCM at PCC sylvania. These kids from first baptist cook food for whoever wants to come. Someone got saved which is totally cool isn't it?