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Saturday, June 24, 2006


I'm going to be heading to montana tomarrow it'll be fun. Mike'll have to show me all the sites and I wanna see glacier. I bet there will be some good scenery. I should bring my camera get some nifty picures.

Hmmm what else? Ginny likes shirt it sounds like... I'm at work, I asked for the night off but I forget why I did and what I had planned so I came to work anyway. I'm taking the next two weeks off and will be taking some time off to go to san fancisco to sail so am a little worried about running out of vacation.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

fathers day exaustion

Yesterday I got off work at 8:00 am, then played paint ball all day. I have figured out that I am pritty much in terrible shape. I need to get more exersize if I want to be good at stuff like that and also I need to tweak my gun so it shoots faster. Faster gun = pwnage

anyway, my dad came in late last night, I was asleep by the time he got here and then I went to church snuck out early to catch sunday school at my old church where dad went (it was my week to serve so I couldn't sneak out, I helped set up and there was extra help at mt olivet so I was able to go) I realized that it had been about 2 years really sense I stopped being involved in old church, I went down to the youth room and lots of the kids who I ministered too had graduated, or been graduated for several years and are in college now it is crazy. Quite a few of them are in NY at word of life.

Anyway, after sunday school I took dad out to nona amelia's (sp?) and he got some spegetti and I got this monsterous calzone. It is huge, bigger than the plate they served it on. The waitress smirked at me and said "I'd like to see you eat that whole thing" I bet no one has done that because I barely dented the thing. It'll be leftovers for me for several days. Dad tried to pay for the meal but I wounldn't let him because I'm a bad disobedient son and also because it was fathers day and that would be just lame. Anywho, we hung out after for a bit watched a jet lee movie and I desided that I want to just sit around not being productive for the rest of the evening.

Friday, June 16, 2006

God help us who are fakes...

Chuck was preaching a message about Rehoboam Soloman's son. Check out 1 Kings 12 and 2 Chronicles 11-12

Said son was the offspring of a ammonite wife, who worships molech. Molech was said to have been worshiped by having babies pass through the fire or be burned alive. Sites identfied as places where this worship takes place, contain infant skeletal remains. Really sick stuff, Soloman didn't stop it, neither did Rehoboam.

Anyway, Rehoboam makes all nice, looks all shiny gets everyone together to give input. But it was all just a show. He didn't listen to them. Later, when the country splits and the possiblity of civil war becomes very real, God tells Rehoboam not to make war. Instead of thinking of peace, he goes and fortifies cities, preparing for war.

Egypt comes up, takes the strongholds, and takes from the temple treasures. The shields apparently the new king liked because he made bronze ones. But he never took them out, except when he came to the temple to show everyone how great and neat a leader he was with all this stuff.

I feel like I can be like this guy, try to impress, just play christian when it is time but alone my heart seeks detestable things and I don't truely want to be real and follow after God. The message hit real close to him.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What I've done the past few days

Wed (slept most of the day, got up watched anime worked all night)

thurs (slept almost all day did work, had a training class that got out early so went home watched all quiet on the western front, went back to work feeling very disturbed)

friday (slept / worked)

saturday (had a team meeting after work so got home an hour later, slept then went back to work)

sunday (went with a girl who's I saw around but who's name I didn't really know and who's name she just figured out by someone talking to me to ihop talked about work and her psycho x-bfriends

After that, I went home, slept for a few hours then went to ethnos with mike after that we watched a couple movies then went to bed.)

Monday (went to jones farm to work on senior project we are going to go til the end of june to try to finish up better so we'll take an incomplete for the class, then Mike picked up piper, I picked up AJ and hero scape... we went to monday night movies and played hero scape twice (aj one the first time with one looser minion left) and took a walk to burgerville and back.)

Mike gave the buick to ryan, code took piper home mike and I took aj home.

Tues: I was supposed to do lunch with kelly and bobbie today but I told another guy from work I'd do lunch with him and give him a tour of the other campus so pushed it off another week bobbie had a meeting this morning so we couldn't do breakfast.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Aj and Sarah

The scarry thing about this day is that AJ was in charge. Kevin was gone as was Ginny so it was looking to be just AJ and I for a bit. I tried to enlist a couple friends but failed. Monday night kelly was no where to be found, kevin stopped by and gave us stuff but not any real menu so we didn't know what the menu was. Eventually kelly came later on but it was scarry not being able to get ahold of her, I hated just sitting there waiting with no direction.

Bobbie and mild mannered David Don (just back from his honey moon yeesh) helped out. And we made bean / meat / biscuit / cold slaw stuff so it wasn't too hard. We actually made it there not as late as usual. Anyway it was neat to see AJ be responsible for leading.

Last Tuesday of the Term

Friday, June 09, 2006

David and Nabal 1 Samuel 25

I was listening to dr chuck swindol comming home from work today and there was a really amazing sermon about these two. It is about how a woman in one's life can save a man from making a big mistake, responding more sharply. He said that one time he was going to write a rather pointed letter to someone and milled over it a bunch, then he read it to his wife cynthia. His wife calmly stated that everything he said in that letter was true but perhaps he should sleep on it for a night. Dr Swindol didn't sleep but stayed up all night thinking about the letter and eventually tore it up and threw it away. Things worked out in the end and sending a reproving letter probally would have just hurt the relationship.

So David stayed in the wilderness with his 600 mighty men and watched sheep for this guy who lives in the wilderness. Nabal had lots of sheep so david and his men went down there. Nabal was not a good guy and when the time to come shear the sheep came, david sent some servant to kindly ask for a cut (apparently it was a custom not to bill for things like that but depending on how good a job you do, when the time comes to make money off of the flock then you give people like david and his men a cut)

Anyway, Nabal said no way, you don't get nothin and sent them away. Anyway, when David heard this, he took some of his mighty warriors and their swords to show this greedy ungreat what's up. To make a long story short, Nabal's Godly wife found out what Nabal said to David's messengers from one of the workers (interesting that they express their concern to Abigail instead of Nabal huh?) and she saves his butt :)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Geisha is amazing

Mike and I did some shopping today and watched memoirs of a geisha. That movie was just awesome I liked it a whole lot, when chori finally confessed her feeling to the chairman after all those years passed and he too had the same feelings for her. It was just really pulling the heart strings. Not that I cried or anything...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Coffeed = cultured

I found an amazing deal on an espresso machine off of ebay. Yesterday mike showed me how to work it and how to make milk froth (apparently there is a right way to do it). So I just made myself a tazo chai tea. I'm drinking it there, Don't I look cultured?